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E&H #770-3FRD

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INTENDED USE: This tape is primarily used in the fabrication of insulation blanket covers and for the installation of insulation blankets. It may be used for sealing sewn seams and for closing fabrication slits or holes around brackets, conduits or other objects that may exist after installation.

.0005 Mil Metalized Tedlar
10x10 visual scrim count
with fire retardant acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

On FR Primed Aluminum
15Mil 54.4 oz/inch average
3 Day 129.6 oz/inch average
30 Day 152.3 oz/inch average

WEIGHT: 4.2 oz/square yard

FLAMMABILITY: Burn Length 3.4 inches maximum
Flame Time 0 Seconds
Drip Flame Time No Drips

SHELF LIFE: Minimum of 12 months in cool, dry storage

FAR PART 25-853 (A,B)
FAA Radiant Heat Panel FAR 25.856
DMS-1511 12 Second Vertical Burn
BSS-7230 12 Second Vertical Burn
DMS-1984 Rev. P Type 6 Class 2
BMS 5-149 Rev. A Type I Class 3 Grade A Form I
E&H CO: As manufacturer warrants that the products described and presented herein are of merchantable quality, but does not warrant their fitness for any particular use or make any other warranty, expressed or implied. Liability of E&H under this warranty is limited to replacement of the products found to be defective, or, at its option, a refund of the purchase price.

ASA Accreditation Certificate

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