Freudenberg-NOK Part Number 56004

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Freudenberg-NOK Part Number 56004
Product Description Fluorosilicone Triangular Fuel Resistant Tape

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MIL Specification: A-A-59163 *
Design / Construction Value Tolerance
Thickness .020" +/- .002"
Width 1.00" +/- .020"
Length 36 ft. +/- 6.00"
Tape Colour Lt. Blue N/A
Guideline Colour White N/A
Physical Properties Value Specification
Tensile Strength (PSI) 1100 700 Min. ASTM D412
Elongation (%) 700% 300 Min. ASTM D412
Inclined Mandrel Tack Test (inch.) 0.25 ASTM D2148
Bond Strength (1 inch. width, pounds) 5.5 2.0 Min. ASTM D2148
Dielectric Strength (Volts/mil) 575 400 Min. ASTM D149
* Note: This product meets the physical requirements outlined in MIL standard with added fuel resistance properties.
Reinforcement Material N/A
Interleave Material .002" thk. Mylar
Product Operating Temperature -40 Deg. F to +450 Deg. F
Product Shelf Life One Year
Note: Shelf life is defined as the duration of time for which the product will meet the physical requirements outlined above.
It does not guarantee the product's usefulness in all applications.
Physical Properties Value Test Method
Tensile Strength (PSI) 1302 ASTM D412
Elongation (%) 425 ASTM D412
Tear Strength (lb/in) 146 ASTM D624 Die B
Durometer, Shore A Points 55 ASTM D2240
Flame Test Method FAA 60 Sec. Vertical
Flame Test Information Value Tolerance
Flame Time (seconds) N/A N/A
Glow Time (seconds) N/A 15 sec. Max
Char Length (inches) N/A 6" Max.
Fuel Test Information Value Test Method
Volume Change After 24hr Immersion @ 73F 95.74% ASTM D471 Ref. Fuel C
Hardness Change After 24hr Immersion @ 73F -12 pts. ASTM D471 Ref. Fuel C
Elongation Change After 24hr Immersion @ 73F -61.04% ASTM D471 Ref. Fuel C
Tensile Change After 24hr Immersion @ 73F -59.57% ASTM D471 Ref. Fuel C
The data presented in this document represents typical values for the production material.
This data should not be used to write, or in place of, material specifications.
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