Patco 1800

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PATCO® 1800
Flame Retardant Galley Tape

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Aircraft corrosion inhibitor.

Aircraft wetseal applications in main; cabin areas such as galleys, lavatories, entryways, and other areas susceptible to moisture.

Meets FAR 25.853(a) Appendix F for Interior Aircraft Use


Tough, conformable, and moisture resistant.

Permanent and flame retardant.

Allows wide width usage.

Helps prevent corrosion on floor structures.

Will not delaminate.

Meets FAR requirements.

Compatible with most sealants.

Fast applications.

Can be die-cut to various shapes.

Typical Value
Typical Value (Metric)
Test Method
Total Thickness
10 mils
254 microns
Substrate Thickness
8.5 mils
216 microns
Adhesion to Steel
50 oz/in.
0.547 N/mm
ASTM - D3330
Tensile Strength
25 lb/in.
4.378 N/mm
ASTM - D3759
Elongation (%)
Application Temperature Range
50°F to 120°F
10°C to 49°C
Operating Temperature Range
-40°F to 200°F
-40°C to 93°C



Backing: Polyvinyl Chloride Adhesive:

Acrylic Liner: #53

Coated Kraft Paper

Colors: Black

** Recommended storage conditions: 40-60% Humidity, 60°F - 80°F

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