Silcone Coated Flextra Cloths

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Silicone Coated Flextra® Cloths

Alpha Silicone Coated Flextra non-metallic cloths combine the high-performance characteristics of silicone rubber and our exclusive Flextra cloths. These cloths are ideal for a wide range of severe industrial applications where constant temperature excursions occur. They have excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight and weathering and are resistant to most chemicals and oils. Alpha Silicone Coated Flextra cloths offer superb flexibility and strength, good release capability and have an indefinite shelf life at room temperature. These cloths are ideally used as gasketing, belting, flat seals, molten-metal splashguards and tadpole tape covers

Gauge .125 inches
Weight 7.2 lb/sy yd


Standard Width 40 inches
Standard Length 25 yards


Tensile Warp 325 lbs
Tensile Fill 125 lbs
Serviceable Temperatures -60°F to +450°F
excursions to 600°F

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