Custom Fabricated Products RL8568 - Aluminized Fibersil Cloth

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| RL8568 - Aluminized Fibersil Cloth

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RL8568 Aluminized Fibersil cloth is a combination of ceramic (aluminum oxide/silica oxide) and inconel wire. The flame resistant finish is an aluminized polymer.

The base cloth of RL8568 can be used to 2200 F with no damage. The aluminized finish is used to protect the ceramic cloth from abuse during fabrication and installation. The aluminized finish slowly decomposes above 600 F leaving an aluminum residue.

RL8568 is available in cloth or can be furnished in tadpole tape form.

Width (inch) 36 +/-1
Wt/sq yd (lb) 2.70 +/-10%
Thickness (inch) .110 +/-0.010
% Treatment 25 +/-5
Tensile (lb/inch) 150 x 60 +/-15%

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