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is produced from specially formulated silicone rubber. When wrapped with at least a 50% overlap upon itself, MOX-Tape provides a SELF-FUSING, inseparable, cohesive insulating barrier that is resistant to moisture, oxygen, ozone and corona over a range of temperatures from -65°F up to +500°F. MOX-Tape provides superior electrical insulation with a dielectric strength of 300 VPM minimum at 356°F/180°C (Class H).

Three Types Available
  • 600-R Unsupported flat tape with a rectangular cross section, for general use.
  • 600- T Unsupported tape with a triangular cross section and a colored guideline for easy consistent wrapping. SA & SB Encapsulated sinusoidal glass tape, supported to control stretch and increase strength.

MOX- Tape Advantages

  • Resists moisture, oxygen and ozone to assure continuous high insulation values.
  • Conforms smoothly when wrapped around complex forms. Bonds at room temperature into a single inseparable layer after 24 hours.
  • Remains non-tacky to the touch and does not adhere to other surfaces, or substrates.
  • Insulates to specified value with single layer of heavier tape, thereby reducing labor time and cost.
  • Resists vibration, heat and mechanical shock as well as cavitation under corona and electrical fatigue.
  • MOX – Tape is inherently flame retardant and when burned forms a non-conductive insulating ash.
  • SA & SB MOX-Tapes provide a uniform thickness even around sharp edges dielectric strength remains constant. Glass cloth encapsulated inside the silicone rubber prevents wicking and maintains high insulation resistance under the highest humidity conditions. Controlled stretch tapes provide a uniform voltage barrier.
  • All MOX-Tapes are protected by polyester interleaving.


Suggested Applications
• Insulate field, armature and interpole coils in large motors.
• Protect coils from effects of vibration.
• Wrap reclaimed motors by over-wrapping deteriorated insulation.
• Works as a scaling system for splicing and terminating of wire and cable.
• Harness wrapping and wire bundling to meet Class H insulation.
• Insulating coil leads and bus bar connections.
• Underground cable splices.
• Vibration fixture, anti-scratch and clamping pads.
• Electromagnetic coil insulation.
• Insulating and scaling electrical connections.
• Insulating heated transfer lines.
• On-board aerospace and space experiments.
• Insulating in radioactive environments.
• Masking agent utilized in manufacturing processes and powder coatings.
• Applied to rollers for protection and traction.
• Insulating, prote
cting and sealing rigging hardware and power systems in marine applications.
• Motor connections.
• Plant maintenance.
• Superior, heavy duty repair tape or emergency insulating barrier.
• Takes the place of potting material and forms for prototyping.