MOX-Tape ™®


Mox-Tape 600-T Triangular Series Tape is produced in the form of a triangular cross section with a colored guide line running along the peak of the triangle. The guide line facilitates winding of the tape so minimum overlapping is obtained while maximum physical and electrical properties are retained. The tape is interleaved with a quick release film. It is self-bonding and self-fusing. After curing at room temperature for 24 hours, the tape forms an inseparable silicone layer that must be cut for removal.

MOX-Tape® 600-T Series
Unsupported Triangular Guideline Tape
Arlon Product No. Reference MOX-Tape® Width (inches) Thickness (inches) Color Description: 
T2020-B004 602 1.00″ 0.020″ Black Silicone, self-fusing tape. Meets Commercial Item Description A-A-59163 (supersedes US Military Specification MIL-I-46852C) except for packaging.
T2020-R004 602 1.00″ 0.020″ Red
T2030-R004-12 603 1.00″ 0.030″ Red 12.0 yards long,  silicone, self-fusing tape.
T2040-B004 604 1.00″ 0.040″ Black
T2040-R004 604 1.00″ 0.040″ Red Meets Commercial Item Description A-A-59163 (supersedes US Military Specification MIL-I-46852C) except for packaging.
T2060-B006 606 1.50″ 0.060″ Black

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Mox Tape Triangular Series

P/N 602
P/N 603
P/N 604


Dielectric Strength (Before Stretching)
602-1 450 VPM Minimum
603-1 350 VPM Minimum
604-1, 604-1 1/2 300 VPM Minimum
605-1, 605-1 1/2 275 VPM Minimum
606-1 1/2 250 VPM Minimum
607-1 1/2 225 VPM Minimum
Hardness Shore “A” (ASTM D2240) 50 +/- 10
Tensile Strength (ASTM D412) 700 psi minimum
Elongation At Break (ASTM D412) 350% Minimum
Temperature Range -65º to +500º F
Resistivity Volume Resistivity (ASTM D991) 1013 ohm/cm. Minimum
Adhesion  Tackiness (ASTM D2148)  2 P.P.I.
Military Specification A-A-59163 Cl I, Ty II, DMS 2186 Ty II, GE 3003M70PO1, MIL-I-46852C Type II, RMS 315 Ty II

NOTE: The above properties are published as a guide only, and should not be used for specification without testing in your own laboratory.