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TFE-Impregnated Flextra Cloths, Tapes, & Strips

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TFE-Impregnated Flextra Cloths, Tapes, & Strips TFE-Impregnated Flextra cloths combine high-temperature resistance, anti-stick properties, and excellent chemical resistance for severe applications. They have a serviceable temperature of -60° F (-51° C) to 600° F (315° C). Resistant to cold flow and thermal expansion, they are ideal for gasketing in chemical and high-temperature service. The standard product is provided in sintered form.

Style No. Description Standard Rolls Lb/Sq Yd
 608  1/16″ Non-metallic  40″ x 10 yd 2.30
608  1/8″ Non-metallic  40″ x 10 yd 4.40
 GK2002  1/16″ Non-metallic  sheets & strips 2.30
 GK2002  3/32″ Non-metallic  sheets & strips 3.3
 GK2002  1/8″ Non-metallic  sheets & strips 2.30

Note: Also available in unsintered from as 602.

Features and Benefits:

  • Service Temperature: -60° F (-51° C) to 600° F (316° C)
  • Service: Caustics, Acids, Solvents, Temperature Extremes
  • Anti-stick, Low Thermal Expansion, Resistance to Cold Flow


  • Gasketing for Severe Chemicals and/or Temperatures
  • Aircraft rub strips

Specifications Met:

Douglas spec DMS 2282:

Product Characteristics:

Type 1 Class 1 608 (unetched strip or sheet)
Type 1 Class 2 GK2002 (etched 1 side strip or sheet)
Type 1 Class 3 GK2002 (etched 2 sides strip or sheet)

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