Aviation Tapes Offered by Kiepura Aviation Co.

3M Products
361 – Glass cloth, flame retardant tape
398FR / 398FRP Glass cloth, flame retardant tape
411DL / 411SL – FlexomountTM plate mounting tape
425 – Aluminum foil tape
471 – Vinyl tape
610 – Safety-walkTM  General Purpose anti-slip surfacing
Polyurethane protective tapes:
TC 330 – Roto Peen Flap Assemblies
Arlon MOX-Tape®
MOX-Tape® 600-R
MOX-Tape® 600-T Series
MOX-Tape® SA SB Series
Custom Fabricated Products
Custom Fabricated Products GK2117/2118
Custom Fabricated Products RL8226
Custom Fabricated Products RL8568 – Aluminized Fibersil Cloth
MC9706 Fireshield Cloth
PK1190 Access Door Seals
RL 8043
RL723 Tadpole Tape
RL7653 Tadpole Tape
RL7827 Tadpole Tape
RL7828 Tadpole Tape
RL7543 Silcone Coated Flextra Cloths
TFE-Impregnated Flextra Cloths, Tapes, & Strips
E & H
E & H Products and Parts
E&H 70-1C
E&H 770-3FRD
Freudenberg NOK
900-52152 – Reinforced Fusion Tape
Gudebrod is no longer availableplease call us regarding Western Filament or other options.
680-1468 – Sound dampening and sealing foam tape
Kahrs Thermal Technologies, Inc. – Ktti
RM827 – Skived Tape
Mask-Off Protex 223-5
Mask-Off PROTEX 20V
Patco 1800
Patco 8100
Patco 9425FR
Patco D-9100
Patco D9100SW
Patco D9180 FR
Patco D9200
Permacel / Nitto
Nitto P-422 (formerly Permacel 422)
Nitto P-212
Permacel P-212
Permacel P-306
Permacel P-55
Permacel P-621
Permacel P-629
Polyken® Aerospace Tapes
Polyken® 108
Polyken® 108PE
Polyken® 225FR
Polyken® 290FR
Polyken® 296FR
Polyken® 347 Premium Foil Tape
Polyken® 345 –Premium Foil Tape
Saint Gobain
CHR 2255 Film-PTFE (Skived, High-Modulus)
Strip-N-Stik Pressure Sensitive Silicone Rubber tapes
CHR HM350 / HM246
Western Filament 
Specifications include: CID A-A-52080 through A-A-52084  /  MIL-T-43435
20DOF9G,   25NOF9W,  
35NOF13W,  35TOF29G,  
40HOF17R,  40HOF17X,  40HOF17S,
50DOF17G,  50DOF17RFR,  50NOF17W,
70HOF25G,  70HOF25G70HOF25R